Joel C. Kahane

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A questionnaire survey of 74 parents of children with Down syndrome was conducted. Results indicated that adenotonsillectomy benefited their children by eliminating or reducing the symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, nasal drainage, and mouth breathing. On the basis of parental responses, it appears that in the absence of nasal obstruction, adenotonsillectomy(More)
  • J C Kahane
  • Journal of speech and hearing research
  • 1982
Prepubertal, pubertal, and adult measurements of human larynges were used to describe growth of the larynx from prepuberty to adulthood. Linear and weight measurements made of 10 Caucasian male and 10 Caucasian female prepubertal and pubertal cadaveric larynges were compared to adult measurement data obtained from another study on 20 male and 20 female(More)
There is little reported evidence regarding the reliability of temporal and physiologic features of infant swallowing from videofluoroscopic swallowing studies (VFSS). The purpose of this retrospective study was to determine a reliable set of temporal and physiologic features from infant swallowing that can be measured from analysis of VFSS. Temporal and(More)
The field of tissue engineering/regenerative medicine combines the quantitative principles of engineering with the principles of the life sciences toward the goal of reconstituting structurally and functionally normal tissues and organs. There has been relatively little application of tissue engineering efforts toward the organs of speech, voice, and(More)
The effects of Möbius syndrome (MoS) on the functioning of the peripheral speech and hearing mechanisms has not hithertofore been described, to my knowledge. Speech and hearing function of an 8-year-old MoS speaker was studied. Data were obtained from several sources. These included: electromyography of the facial muscles, physical examination of the(More)
Two Ptolemaic period mummies underwent head and neck examination including high-resolution tomography and endoscopic rhinoscopy and cranioscopy. The anatomy demonstrated characteristic laryngeal calcification and sexual dimorphism. Pathologic findings consisted of severe dental disease and possible chronic ear disease. Postmortem changes revealed the(More)
The bassoon is a demanding double-reed woodwind instrument requiring exquisite control of airflow and air pressure to the reed to produce desired tonal characteristics. Little information is available from direct visualization of the vocal tract and larynx of the bassoonist while playing. Of particular interest is the mechanism(s) of vibrato. This study was(More)
Age-related changes in the articular surfaces of the cricoarytenoid joints (CAJ) of 12 human Caucasian male larynges (6 age 19 to 30 years; 6 age 50 to 80 years) were investigated. Differences in color, roughness, ossification, and surface fiber organization were studied. These were correlated with changes in collagen fiber arrangement on the articular(More)