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M ANY DRUGS ARE CAPABLE of causing bone marrow injury. No clear biochemical explanation has been discovered. Some disturbance in cell metabolism must be involved, yet attempts to demonstrate a direct in vitro effect on bone marrow cells have generally met with failure unless the offending drugs were used in concentrations far exceeding therapeutic levels.(More)
1. Chickens kept in constant light, as opposed to constant darkness, display a twofold increase in the activity of pineal hydroxyindole-O-methyltransferase (HIOMT), the last acting enzyme in the melatonin pathway. 2. Using an immunological approach, we presently show that this regulation of HIOMT activity reflects changes in the concentration of a single(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) day hospital's short-stay program is to propose a one- or two-day medical and psychosocial assessment to patients with disabilities. The day hospital is run by an interprofessional team, using interdisciplinary cooperation and a hospital/community network. OBJECTIVES To describe a tool(More)
Methodology, EDA Flow, scripts, and documentation plays a tremendous role in the deployment and standardization of advanced design techniques. In this paper we focus not only on leakage reduction techniques but also on their deployment as a worldwide infrastructure as the added-value resides not only in the techniques themselves but also in the way they are(More)
Research in applied formal verification has become a hot topic in circuit and system design due to rising circuit complexity. Design verification presents the biggest bottleneck in digital hardware design. Major hardware bugs found in ASIC design may cause expensive project delays when they are discovered during system test on the real silicon chip. The(More)
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