Joel Andrew Willhite

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This study investigated the use of reduced order head related impulse response (HRIR) models to improve the computational efficiency in acoustic virtual displays. State space models of varying order were generated from zero-elevation HRIRs using a singular value decomposition technique. A source identification experiment was conducted under anechoic(More)
A dynamic model of a free liquid piston that exploits piston geometry to produce a high inertance was developed for use in a free piston engine compressor. It is shown that for the size scale targeted, advantageous piston dynamics can be achieved with a reduced piston mass compared to a rigid piston design. It is also shown that the viscous losses(More)
ii To my wife and parents iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My deepest thanks go to Dr. Eric J. Barth, my advisor, for his guidance and mentorship during this work. His approach to the art has inspired me, both sharpening my creative instincts and strengthening my systematic scientific approach to problem solving. His direction and friendship during my time as a Ph.D.(More)
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