Joel Adams

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Software testing is an increasingly important topic in engineering reliable software systems, and test-driven development is an increasingly popular methodology for building reliable systems. However, most software engineering instructors' courses are already very full, so that increasing coverage of testing in those courses can only occur at the expense of(More)
Reflecting the newest trends in computer science, new and revised material throughout the Second Edition of this book places increased emphasis on abstract data types (ADTs) and object-oriented design. This book continues to offer a thorough, well-organized, and up-to-date presentation of essential principles and practices in data structures using C++.(More)
The <i>Communications</i> Web site,, features more than a dozen bloggers in the BLOG@CACM community. In each issue of <i>Communications</i>, we'll publish selected posts or excerpts.<br /><br /><b>twitter</b><br /><b>Follow us on Twitter at</b><br /><br /><b></b><br /><br(More)
The 2014 BioASQ challenge 2a tasks participants with assigning semantic tags to biomedical journal abstracts. We present a system that uses Latent Semantic Analysis to identify semantically similar documents in MEDLINE to an unlabeled abstract, and then uses a novel ranking scheme to select a list of MeSH headers from candidates drawn from the most similar(More)
This study examines the appropriateness of the New Deal in targeting specific groups of unemployed jobseekers. This is done using a survey of unemployed jobseekers carried out prior to the implementation of the New Deal framework in April 1998. A sample of 169 unemployed jobseekers in two Travel to Work Areas in central Scotland is divided into those who(More)
At Calvin College, our primary objective for the first year is that students leave CS-2 as competent problem-solvers. To achieve this end, we require each student to solve a sequence of increasingly difficult problems over the course of the year. Computer programming is presented as a problem-solving skill. We also spend one hour of instruction each week on(More)
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