Joel A. Roth

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Little detailed work has been reported on the central visual field in diabetes. Scott (I957) stated that "the causation of scotomata by endogenic toxins is extremely rare"; DuboisPoulsen (1952) reported a study of diabetic patients using rod scotometry (Livingston, 1943) in which central field scotomata were found in eyes with no visible retinopathy. The(More)
The suggestion that clofibrate (Atromid-S; ethyl 2p (chlorophenoxy) -2-methylpropionate) is effective in the treatment of acute angle-closure glaucoma was recently made by Orban, Hanisch, and Vereb (i 966). These authors had previously observed a rise in the concentration offree fatty acids and in blood viscosity just before and during an attack of(More)
Eleven surgical pathologists studied microscopic sections from 45 mastectomy specimens of node positive breast cancer patients who had been entered into ECOG clinical trials. Inter-observer reproducibility for histoprognostic features was examined as a prerequisite before a subsequent evaluation of their possible clinical applicability could be undertaken.(More)
There is a large literature on the subject of the water-drinking test. Many authors have evaluated it and considered it to be a reliable method ofdiagnosing chronic simple glaucoma (Agarwal and Sharma, I953; Bloomfield and Kellerman, I947; Norskov, i967; Scheie, Spencer, and Helmick, 1956; Swanljung and Blodi, 1956). Leydhecker (I95oa, b, 1954) found the(More)
Prenatal hydronephrosis is diagnosed with an incidence of 1:100 to 1:500 maternal-fetal ultrasonographic studies. Although ultrasonography accurately describes dilation of the renal collecting system, it cannot define mechanical obstruction, a functional characteristic. The purpose of prenatal screening has changed from simple detection of hydronephrosis to(More)