Joel A. Moskowitz

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OBJECTIVE Eye movement dysfunction in relation to a smooth pursuit task has been documented in schizophrenic patients and in patients with the related personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder. To investigate which quantitative measures are associated with the eye movement dysfunction and whether the dysfunction is more related to the(More)
Misconceptions about HIV/AIDS among Latino adults (N = 454) in California were examined using data from a population-based telephone survey conducted in 2000. Common misconceptions concerning modes of HIV transmission included transmission via mosquito or animal bite (64.1%), public facilities (48.3%), or kissing someone on the cheek (24.8%). A composite(More)
Medicated and unmedicated schizophrenic patients (both n's = 14) were compared to a normal control sample (n = 15) on two attentional tasks hypothesized to be markers of vulnerability to schizophrenia. These tasks, the continuous performance test and the visual backward masking task, were found to be more deviant in schizophrenic patients than in normals.(More)