Joel A. Michael

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CIRCSIM-Tutor is a computer tutor designed to carry out a natural language dialogue with a medical student. Its domain is the baroreceptor reflex, the part of the cardiovascular system that is responsible for maintaining a constant blood pressure. CIRCSIM-Tutor's interaction with students is modeled after the tutoring behavior of two experienced human(More)
Hinting is an important tutoring tactic in one-on-one tutoring, used when the tutor needs to respond to an unexpected answer from the student. To issue a follow-up hint that is pedagogically helpful and conversationally smooth, the tutor needs to suit the hinting strategy to the student's need while making the strategy fit the high level tutoring plan and(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this research was to build an intelligent tutoring system capable of carrying on a natural language dialogue with a student who is solving a problem in physiology. Previous experiments have shown that students need practice in qualitative causal reasoning to internalize new knowledge and to apply it effectively and that they learn(More)
In this paper we describe how to simulate the behavior of a human tutor when the student cannot answer a question in a dialogue-based tutoring system. This paper describes an implementation of our analysis of human tutoring behavior using the simple plan-based framework of our tutoring system CIRCSIM-Tutor v. 2. By carefully choosing the retry strategies(More)
The previous version of our Intelligent Tutoring System, Circsim-Tutor (CST) had only four procedures with no difference in difficulty level. However, our new version has 83 procedures that are classified into five Content Categories, five Procedure Difficulty Levels and four Procedure Description Levels. This variety requires Curriculum Planning. Sometimes(More)