Joel A Greco

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Diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance are associated with increased cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality particularly after vascular injury. Since insulin is frequently used in such patients, the effect of glulisine (short acting) and glargine (long acting) were tested in Zucker fatty rat carotid artery subjected to balloon catheter injury.(More)
The hemodynamic pattern of response to bilateral nephrectomy was studied in 29 patients with end-stage renal disease on maintenance hemodialysis. Four patterns of hemodynamic response were seen. In 12 patients with nonmalignant hypertension, bilateral nephrectomy reduced blood pressure and total peripheral resistance with no effects on cardiac output. In 5(More)
The sequence of hemodynamic events during periods of salt- and water-loading was studied in anephric patients and those with end-stage kidney disease. The 10 patients studied showed four different sequential hemodynamic patterns: 1) no significant increase in blood pressure (BP) in two patients; 2) increase in BP associated with an increase in cardiac(More)
1. Patients with end-stage renal disease and anephric patients underwent expansion and depletion of body fluids with salt and water. This resulted in four different sequential haemodynamic patterns: (i) no significant increase in blood pressure; (ii) increase in blood pressure associated with a rise in cardiac output and no effect on total peripheral(More)
The Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration (LLCD) is an ongoing project to demonstrate a high-rate, bidirectional optical communications link between a lunar satellite and an Earth-based ground terminal. The optical downlink operates at data rates up to 622 Mbps and employs photon counting array receiver technology. While the use of a 16-PPM modulation(More)
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