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This survey introduces a class of infinite genus Riemann surfaces, specified by means of a number of geometric axioms, to which the classical theory of compact Riemann surfaces up to and including the Torelli Theorem extends. The axioms are flexible enough to include a number of interesting examples, such as the heat curve. We discuss this example and its(More)
Tap water scald burns account for 7% to 17% of all childhood scald burns that require hospitalization. Often the burns are severe and disabling. Toddlers and preschool children are the most frequent victims. In 45% of the injuries, the unsupervised victim or peer turned on the tap water; in 28% the cause was abuse. Eighty percent of the homes tested had(More)
Neurodegenerative disorders of sufficient severity to be lethal are also likely to generate psychiatric symptomatology. At times, behavioral changes may predate neurologic manifestations, whereas at other times disturbances in mental status and physical functioning may coexist. In either situation, accurate assessment and appropriate treatment may prove(More)