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Membranes are often damaged by freezing and/or dehydration, and this damage may be reduced by solutes. In many cases, these phenomena can be explained by the physical behavior of membrane-solute-water systems. Both solutes and membranes reduce the freezing temperature of water, although their effects are not simply additive. The dehydration of membranes(More)
Clarinettists combine non-standard fingerings with particular vocal tract configurations to achieve pitch bending, i.e., sounding pitches that can deviate substantially from those of standard fingerings. Impedance spectra were measured in the mouth of expert clarinettists while they played normally and during pitch bending, using a measurement head(More)
The vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) of the alert rhesus monkey was studied using rotational acceleration in the horizontal plane. Both sinusoidal and pseudorandom binary sequence (PRBS) stimuli were used to perform parameters. Results from sinusoidal studies over the frequency range 0.01 to 1.28 Hz, with stimulus amplitudes ranging from 16 to 256(More)
Motion of the keys was measured in a transverse flute while beginner, amateur, and professional flutists played a range of exercises. The time taken for a key to open or close was typically 10 ms when pushed by a finger or 16 ms when moved by a spring. Because the opening and closing of keys will never be exactly simultaneous, transitions between notes that(More)
Quantitative deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance is used to study the freezing behavior of the water in phosphatidylcholine lamellar phases, and the effect upon it of dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), sorbitol, sucrose, and trehalose. When sufficient solute is present, an isotropic phase of concentrated aqueous solution may coexist with the lamellar phase at(More)
The vocal tract resonances of trained soprano singers were measured while they sang a range of vowels softly at different pitches. The measurements were made by broad band acoustic excitation at the mouth, which allowed the resonances of the tract to be measured simultaneously with and independently from the harmonics of the voice. At low pitch, when the(More)
We analyze the electrical and mechanical stress in the bounding membrane of a cell (or vesicle) in suspension which is deformed by an external applied field. The membrane is treated as a thin, elastic, initially spherical, dielectric shell and the analysis is valid for frequencies less than the reciprocal of the charging time (i.e. less than MHz), or for(More)