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Executive Summary Industrial Control Systems (ICS) 1 are an integral part of the industrial infrastructure providing for the national good. These systems include Distributed Control Systems (DCS) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems (SCADA), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), and devices such as remote telemetry units (RTU), smart meters, and(More)
The present study aims at evaluating the etiology of the frequently observed atro­ phy of the thigh in patients who use thigh corsets. 1,2 This was done on the basis of femoral nerve conduction studies and electro-myographic findings in the quadri­ ceps muscle. Measurements of thigh cir­ cumference were used to quantitate vol­ ume changes in the thigh. The(More)
14608 Background: Preclinical studies of calcitriol and vitamin D analogs demonstrate potent growth inhibition of tumor cell lines. The clinical development of calcitriol and other analogs have been hindered by hypercalcemia. 1α (OH)D2 is a Vitamin D analog which has produced objective responses in advanced androgen-independent prostate cancer patients and(More)
Jonathan Abrams Rocky Gordon Paul Nolan Franz Aepfelbacher Steven Grover Michael Oliver Edwin Alderman Carlo Guarnieri Robert O'Rourke Giuseppe Ambrosio Christian Harem Karl Osterziel Tom Amidon Lennart Hansson John Parker Ezra Amsterdam Robert Harrington James Parratt Kikuo Arakawa Donald Harrison Robert Peters Michael Azrin Catherine Hayward Marc Pfeffer(More)
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