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Determination of nine inorganic elements in human autopsy tissue.
A survey of nine elements of accepted clinical relevance has been performed on tissue sets comprising of kidney, liver, heart and muscle taken at autopsy from healthy individuals killed as the resultExpand
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Decay resistance of experimental and commercial particle board.
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A report on the use of kanamycin in experimental syphilis.
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Machine at Airport
Photograph of a machine at an airport in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or Charleston, South Carolina. The machine appears to have several tubes that extend into the sky.
Bobby Russell student at front of class
Photograph of Bobby Russell with his hands in the pockets of his overalls. He stands next to a podium at the front of the classroom at the Locust Grove School.
Fox Hounds Leaping over a Rail Fence
Photograph of a pack of Fox Hounds jumping over a wooden rail fence. This photograph was taken for Gardner Advertising Company. Client: Purina. Photo by: Joe Clark, HBSS. Clark PhotoFile: 8033-0007-33
Doing homework by lamplight
Photograph of Harry and Carl England doing their homework by lamplight as they use an old trunk as a desk.
Loading the classroom furnace
Photograph of a boy pouring a bucket of fuel into a furnace in a classroom. There is a teacher in the corner of the room instructing the room of students.
Three Men on a Sailboat
Photograph of three men posing on a tilting boat in the St. Clair River. In this image, the man on the left is balancing over the water, the one in the middle has a hand on his hip and is lookingExpand