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Infectious diseases and securitization: WHO's dilemma.
While WHO has tended to securitize infectious diseases since 2000, it has encountered a dilemma in the process because of the inherent asymmetry of interest between developed and developing countries. Expand
Taiwan’s Political and Economic Ecosystem
Following the civil war in China in the 1940s which led to the defeat of the KMT, and their retreat to Taiwan, the political divergence between Mainland China and Taiwan has essentially been one ofExpand
Assessing Sino-Indian Economic Relations in an Interdependence Framework: 1992-2008
Abstract This study situates Sino-Indian economic interaction under the interdependence framework. By mapping conflict behavior in this dyad against the trends in the economic interdependence, weExpand
India–China Trade at the Borders: challenges and opportunities
This paper aggregates the state of India–China economic relations with a specific focus on trade at the borders. It explicates the potential for economic activity at the border regions to generateExpand
The 2008 Referendum
There has been increasing speculation in recent weeks of a possible military stand-off in the Taiwan Straits in the early part of 2008 in the context of the proposed referendum on the island overExpand
Conclusion and Future Directions
CIER acknowledges the mutual complementarity of closer economic partnership with India based on movement of manufacturing to India (generation of jobs, development of industry and technology transferExpand
‘Social Capital’ and its Significance in Reimagining Chindia
Introduction Writings on India–China relations in recent years are increasingly seen to be imputing Machiavellian realism to the political and, increasingly, economic sphere of interaction. TheExpand
Post-ECFA Outlook for the Relationship across the Taiwan Strait
This paper discusses the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between Taiwan and China. It examines its contents, trade-expectations, and problem areas. Since ”cooperative behavior” (asExpand