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In obstetric patients undergoing postpartum tubal ligation, we found that metoclopramide produced dose-dependent prolongation of suxamethonium-induced neuromuscular block. Mean block times after suxamethonium 1 mg kg-1 were 8.0 min, 9.83 min and 12.45 min for control and metoclopramide 10 mg and metoclopramide 20 mg groups, respectively. A laboratory study(More)
We report here a young female who underwent a successful deceased donor liver transplant for hepatic vein thrombosis. Five years after transplantation she developed postpartum atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS). She did not recover renal function. Mutation screening of complement genes in her DNA did not show any abnormality. Mutation screening of(More)
Increasing studies implicate cancer stem cells (CSCs) as the source of resistance and relapse following conventional cytotoxic therapies. Few studies have examined the response of CSCs to targeted therapies, such as tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs). We hypothesized that TKIs would have differential effects on CSC populations depending on their mechanism of(More)
The possibility of permanent genetic changes to the germline is central to the bioethics of in utero gene therapy (IUGT) because of the concern of inadvertent potentially deleterious alterations to the gene pool. Despite presumed protection of the male germline due to early germ cell (GC) compartmentalization, we reported that GCs within the developing(More)
The recent observation of vector sequences in the semen of men undergoing clinical gene therapy for hemophilia has highlighted the need to evaluate the risk of inadvertent germ-line transduction in a clinically relevant animal model. In the present study, we used three different approaches to investigate whether the germ line is at risk of inadvertent(More)
Membrane potential across the plasma membrane (psi) of human sperm was determined by measuring the accumulation of triphenylmethylphosphonium (TPMP+). Washed sperm of fertile or infertile men were suspended, incubated in low-K+ and high-Na+ or high-K+ and low-Na+ medium, and allowed to take up the cation TPMP+ to a steady state (20 min at 37 degrees C).(More)
We describe a case of postpartum ruptured dissecting aneurysm of the thoracic aorta, unrelated to the anaesthetic management with extradural anaesthesia. This complication is discussed in detail, as the anaesthetist may be the specialist required to respond to the common presenting symptom of severe back pain.
Estrogen receptor levels were determined in nuclear matrix of human spermatozoa of normospermic fertile men and idiopathic infertile men. In noncapacitated sperm cells, the distribution of the estrogen receptor in normospermic fertile men was present in 50% of the cases, whereas in idiopathic infertile men was present in 19% of the cases. In capacitated(More)