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In recent years, XML has been established as a major means for information management, and has been broadly utilized for complex data representation (e.g. multimedia objects). Owing to an unparalleled increasing use of the XML standard, developing efficient techniques for comparing XML-based documents becomes essential in the database and information(More)
Merging related RSS news (coming from one or different sources) is beneficial for end-users with different backgrounds (journalists, economists, etc.), particularly those accessing similar information. In this paper, we provide a practical approach to both: measure the relatedness, and identify relationships between RSS elements. Our approach is based on(More)
The automatic processing and management of XML-based data are ever more popular research issues due to the increasing abundant use of XML, especially on the Web. Nonetheless, several operations based on the structure of XML data have not yet received strong attention. Among these is the process of matching XML documents and XML grammars, useful in various(More)
XML similarity evaluation has become a central issue in the database and information communities, its applications ranging over document clustering, version control, data integration and ranked retrieval. Various algorithms for comparing hierarchically structured data, XML documents in particular, have been proposed in the literature. Most of them make use(More)
Partitioning techniques are traditionally used in distributed system design to reduce accesses to irrelevant information by grouping data frequently accessed together in specific fragments. Here, we address the primary horizontal fragmentation of textually annotated multimedia data. In this study, we discuss the issue of identifying semantic implications(More)
Database fragmentation allows reducing irrelevant data accesses by grouping data frequently accessed together in dedicated segments. In this paper, we address multimedia database fragmentation to take into account the rich characteristics of multimedia objects. We particularly discuss multimedia primary horizontal fragmentation and focus on semantic-based(More)