Joe Sullivan

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Infantile spasms (IS) and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) are epileptic encephalopathies characterized by early onset, intractable seizures, and poor developmental outcomes. De novo sequence mutations and copy number variants (CNVs) are causative in a subset of cases. We used exome sequence data in 349 trios with IS or LGS to identify putative de novo CNVs.(More)
Extensive social psychological research emphasises the importance of groups in shaping individuals' thoughts and actions. Within the child sexual abuse (CSA) literature criminal organisation has been largely overlooked, with some key exceptions. This research was a novel collaboration between academia and the UK's Child Exploitation and Online Protection(More)
The MOVES Institute's mission is research, application, and education in the grand challenges of modeling, virtual environments, and simulation. Specialties are 3D visual simulation, networked virtual environments, computer-generated autonomy, human-performance engineering, immersive technologies, defense /entertainment collaboration, and evolving(More)
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