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Much of the sharp rise in the share of nonmarital births in the United States has been attributed to changes in the fertility choices of unmarried and married women-in response, it is often argued, to public policy. In contrast, we develop and test a model that attributes the rise to changes in marriage behavior, with no necessary changes infertility. A(More)
There has been rapid growth in the past decade in the development of legislation to control industrial noise. This article reviews the present situation with regard to employer's liability to protect workers from occupational deafness and an attempt is made to compare the cost to industry of the prevention of deafness with the cost of claims for(More)
We develop a theory of the market for individual reputation, an indicator of regard by one’s peers and others. The central questions are: 1) Does the quantity of exposures raise reputation independent of their quality? and 2) Assuming that overall quality matters for reputation, does the quality of an individual’s most important exposure have an extra(More)
A common theme of rape trials between two adults is the issue of consent. The prosecution will seek to prove that there was no consent given by the complainant at the time of the alleged offence. The defence will seek to show that there was or might have been consent at the material time. Consent in itself is a fairly straightforward concept and is defined(More)
By examining disaggregate state-level data, we address two weaknesses of prior estimates of economic voting models in U.S. Presidential elections. First, our disaggregate approach substantially improves statistical power, thus reducing the danger of “overfitting.” Second, our analysis demonstrates systematic differences in voting behavior across states,(More)
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