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Thirty-five patients with advanced cervical cancer were treated with a combination chemotherapy regimen comprising cisplatin, vinblastine, and bleomycin (PVB). Sixty-six percent of 33 evaluable patients showed objective tumor response and complete remissions were seen in six (18%) patients. The median duration of tumor response in patients with recurrent(More)
Linear analogue self-assessment (LASA) scales were used to measure general well-being and specific factors (mood, pain, nausea and vomiting, appetite, breathlessness, physical activity) in patients receiving therapy for malignant melanoma, small cell bronchogenic carcinoma (SCBC) or ovarian cancer. Among the patients with SCBC and melanoma, high(More)
We describe QUAERO, a method that (i) enables the automatic optimization of searches for physics beyond the standard model, and (ii) provides a mechanism for making high energy collider data generally available. We apply QUAERO to searches for standard model WW, ZZ, and t t macro production, to searches for these objects produced through a new heavy(More)
We report a search for effects of large extra spatial dimensions in pp collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 1.8 TeV with the D0 detector, using events containing a pair of electrons or photons. The data are in good agreement with the expected background and do not exhibit evidence for large extra dimensions. We set the most restrictive lower limits to(More)
88 patients with far-advanced lymphomatous malignancy were treated with Bleomycin given by either intramuscular (i. m.) or intravenous (i. v.) injection according to a randomized treatment assignment. Response occurred most frequently in Hodgkin's disease (i. m. 7/24; i. v. 4/18), least often in histiocytic lymphomas (i. m. 0/8; i. v. 1/8), and with(More)
A search for narrow resonances that decay into tt pairs has been performed using 130 pb(-1) of data in the lepton + jets channel collected by the Dphi detector in pp collisions at square root of (s)=1.8 TeV. There is no significant deviation observed from the standard-model predictions at a top-quark mass of 175 GeV/c2. We therefore present upper limits at(More)
We report a new measurement of the pseudorapidity (eta) and transverse-energy ( E(T)) dependence of the inclusive jet production cross section in pp(macro) collisions at square root of s = 1.8 TeV using 95 pb(-1) of data collected with the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron. The differential cross section d(2)sigma/(dE(T)d eta) is presented up to eta = 3,(More)
AIM The safety and efficacy of whole abdominal radiotherapy was evaluated as salvage or consolidation treatment for ovarian cancer patients treated with primary surgery and chemotherapy, followed by second-look laparotomy (SLL). Overall survival and acute and late toxicity of treated patients were assessed. METHODS Patients were recruited between April(More)