Joe Scutt Phillips

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Diagnostic tests are needed to aid in the diagnosis of necrotizing myopathies associated with statin use. This study aimed to compare different technologies for the detection of anti-HMGCR antibodies and analyze the clinical phenotype and autoantibody profile of the patients. Twenty samples from myositis patients positive for anti-HMGCR antibodies using a(More)
Analysis of complex time-series data from ecological system study requires quantitative tools for objective description and classification. These tools must take into account largely ignored problems of bias in manual classification, autocorrelation, and noise. Here we describe a method using existing estimation techniques for multivariate-normal hidden(More)
We suggest various highly simpliied models which may be employed to make estimates of the performance of a concurrent program running on a multiprocessor machine. We try to nd a small set of parameters which have an important innuence on performance, and conduct simulation experiments on synthetic programs whose parameter values are varied systematically.(More)
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