Joe Salamon

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In this work, we present two alternative yet equivalent representation formulae for Whitney forms that are valid for any choice of coordinates, and generalizes the original characterization of Whitney forms in [12] that requires the use of barycentric coordinates. In addition, we demonstrate that these formulae appropriately generalize the notion of Whitney(More)
In a retrospective analysis at a single institution we evaluated the significance of various pathological phenomena on the disease-free survival of patients with radically resected renal cell carcinoma. Parameters considered were tumor extension (pT stage) according to the International Union Against Cancer, tumor invasion into the renal vein or vena cava(More)
The inadequacy of current testing methods for fetal-maternal hemorrhage (FMH) had led to the use of postinjection titers of Rh immune globulin (RhIg) to assess large FMH. The authors have studied the titers of 30 RhIg recipients who received 300 micrograms of RhIg. The 48-hour postinjection titer was compared with the size of bleed as measured by Du testing(More)
A study was conducted to determine the safety and utility of autologous blood donation in third trimester pregnancy. Thirty-seven obstetric patients, 32 with an obstetric risk factor, donated an average of 485 ml of blood. Twenty-one of the 37 patients were expected to undergo cesarean section. Nonstress testing was performed before and after phlebotomy.(More)
A microtiter plate assay is described for platelet serologic studies. The assay is based on an indirect radiolabeled antiglobulin test. The test was performed in microtiter wells of 400 microliter capacity manufactured to form strips that fit into a standard 96-well carrier. The strips were broken apart and placed into tubes for counting in a gamma counter.(More)
The enzyme-linked antiglobulin test was used to determine the percentage of antibody removed from sensitized red cells by five elution methods: Rubin ether, xylene, digitonin-acid, glycine, and heat. Antibodies examined in the study included anti-D, -c, -E, and -K. With two examples of anti-D, more antibody was eluted by the Rubin ether method (45.5%(More)
Functional 18F-fluoride PET demonstrated an inverse relationship between the activity of arterial mineral deposition and regional bone metabolism. While bone metabolism decreases with age, the activity of arterial mineral deposition increases. The extent of arterial calcification increases with age, whereas bone mineral density decreases, evidencing a(More)
Many gauge field theories can be described using a multisymplectic Lagrangian formulation, where the Lagrangian density involves space-time differential forms. While there has been much work on finite-element exterior calculus for spatial and tensor product space-time domains, there has been less done from the perspective of space-time simplicial complexes.(More)
The frequency of vasovasostomy has increased dramatically in recent years. A significant percentage of men who have previously undergone vasectomy are now seeking restoration of their fertility. The most common reason for requesting a reversal is remarriage. There were 90 bilateral vasovasostomies performed in 90 patients between 1986 and 1989. The(More)