Joe S. Lacob

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Graded doses of sodium nitrite were administered shortly before or immediately after a single training trial in an inhibitory avoidance task. A retention test was given at 24 h (rats) or 72 h (mice) after training. The results indicate that sodium nitrite impairs acquisition of an inhibitory avoidance response in rats and mice. Retention was impaired with(More)
This study investigated the effects of posttrial electrical stimulation of the entorhinal cortex in rats (3 mA or 300 microA; 60 sec, 3 hr or 6 hr after training) on retention of inhibitory or active avoidance responses. In the inhibitory avoidance task 3 mA, but not 300 microA, 60 sec after training produced retrograde amnesia. The 300 microA stimulation(More)
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