Joe Rodriguez-Tellez

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Modern cellular mobile communications systems are characterized by a high degree of capacity. Consequently, they have to serve the maximum possible number of calls while the number of channels per cell is limited. The objective of channel allocation is to assign a required number of channels to each cell such that both efficient frequency spectrum(More)
The demand for more efficient and fast channel allocation techniques in cellular systems increases day by day. Borrowing channel assignment (BCA) was introduced in the literature as a compromise between the classic fixed and dynamic channel allocation schemes. This paper examines the behavior of three heuristic BCA techniques based alternatively on a(More)
A novel nonlinear model for MESFET/HEMT devices is presented. The model can be applied to low power (GaAs) and high power (GaN) devices with equal success. The model provides accurate simulation of the static (DC) and dynamic (Pulsed) I-V characteristics of the device over a wide bias and ambient temperature range (from −70◦C to +70◦C) without the need of(More)
A new equation for simulating the bias dependency of the gate-source and gate-drain capacitances of the GaAs MESFET is presented and compared with existing techniques. It provides increased accuracy for microwave circuit design applications and substantial savings in CPU execution speed over existing techniques. The new empirical relation is applied(More)