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We present the architecture of the Deep Computing Messaging Framework (DCMF), a message passing runtime designed for the Blue Gene/P machine and other HPC architectures. DCMF has been designed to easily support several programming paradigms such as the Message Passing Interface (MPI), Aggregate Remote Memory Copy Interface (ARMCI), Charm++, and others. This(More)
The Blue Genet/L (BG/L) supercomputer, with 65,536 dual-processor compute nodes, was designed from the ground up to support efficient execution of massively parallel message-passing programs. Part of this support is an optimized implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI), which leverages the hardware features of BG/L. MPI for BG/L is implemented(More)
The BlueGene/L supercomputer will consist of 65,536 dual-processor compute nodes interconnected by two high-speed networks: a three-dimensional torus network and a tree topology network. Each compute node can only address its own local memory, making message passing the natural programming model for BlueGene/L. In this paper we present our implementation of(More)
With the ever-increasing numbers of cores per node on HPC systems, applications are increasingly using threads to exploit the shared memory within a node, combined with MPI across nodes. Achieving high performance when a large number of concurrent threads make MPI calls is a challenging task for an MPI implementation. We describe the design and(More)
  • G Almási, C Archer, J G Casta, M Gupta, X Martorell, J E Moreira +26 others
  • 2016
[1] mat04:report International workshop on advanced computational materials science: Application to fusion and generation-IV fission reactors, 2004. Also ORNL/TM-2004/132.signing an efficient general purpose messaging solution for a large cellular system. Design and implementation of message-passing services for the Blue Gene/L supercomputer.
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