Joe Podolsky

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O ne of the continuing challenges of the information revo lution of the past few decades is that the important "stuff" of the technology is beyond the capabilities of our human senses. We can't see the bits in our computers or the electrons that represent them. We can write our thoughts and translate those thoughts into software code, but we can only(More)
David Nye is an observer of social, cultural, and teclmological grandeur. His is the broad view, the large scale. He is a specialist on America, but, since he recoglfizes America's roots in other cultures and lands, much of his discourse focuses on European (and, to a much lesser extent, Roman) influences. He has a sense of historical trends, both gradual(More)
Kevin Kelly is a journalist, someone who intelligently observes and communicates. He is currently editor of l,~Tred magazine, the trumpet and cymbals of the Silicon Valley publishing orchestra. His observations have motivated him to write an equally noisy book, a dense, meandering production that calls into question much of what we now cherish as leadership(More)
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