Joe P Noon

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The association between hypertension and insulin resistance might be explained by increased activity of the principal glucocorticoid, cortisol. Recent data show that the intensity of dermal vasoconstriction after topical application of glucocorticoids is increased in patients with essential hypertension. In this report, we examine whether increased(More)
This article presents a study of nurses' and doctors' perceptions of young people who engage in suicidal behaviour. A contemporary view of grounded theory is used to guide the collection and analysis of qualitative data from nurses and doctors working with young people in an accident and emergency department, paediatric medicine and child and adolescent(More)
The cervical sympathetic nerve stimulated release of norepinephrine (NE) from the rabbit superior cervical ganglion (SCG) was characterized. The quantity of NE released per impulse declined with increasing stimulation frequency over the range of 3/sec to 15/sec. Nerve stimulated NE release was potentiated by 1 micromolar desmethylimipramine and 25(More)
Norepinephrine-3H (NE-3H) and its metabolic normetanephrine-3H were released from the superfused rabbit SCG incubated in tyrosine-3H in response to preganglionic stimulation. Neither dopamine-3H nor its metabolite, 3-methoxy-tyrosine could be detected in the superfusate from "control" or "nerve stimulated" tissues. Nerve stimulated NE-3H release a) was(More)
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