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Over the past 25 years, suicidal behaviour in young people has continued to be a major concern for health services around the world. Self-harm in individuals aged 13-18 is common and represents a significant reason for admission to accident and emergency departments, paediatric medical services and child and adolescent mental health services. Nurses' and(More)
This article presents a study of nurses' and doctors' perceptions of young people who engage in suicidal behaviour. A contemporary view of grounded theory is used to guide the collection and analysis of qualitative data from nurses and doctors working with young people in an accident and emergency department, paediatric medicine and child and adolescent(More)
This paper presents an exploratory study performed to identify the attitudes towards suicidal behaviour in young people, amongst nurses (and nursing lecturers), and doctors working in in-patient medical and mental health care settings. The Suicide Opinion Questionnaire (SOQ) was administered to 59 participants. Responses were scored using eight clinical(More)
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