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and strike missions because the response is optimized for track maintenance without any assessment of overall situation context. In this paper, we will develop a framework for representing the expected information value of planned sensor measurements as it contributes to higher-level situation inferences. Specifically, a hierarchical target valuation model(More)
Much consideration has been given to the role of spin-orbit coupling (SOC) in 5d oxides, particularly on the formation of novel electronic states and manifested metal-insulator transitions (MITs). SOC plays a dominant role in 5d(5) iridates (Ir(4+)), undergoing MITs both concurrent (pyrochlores) and separated (perovskites) from the onset of magnetic order.(More)
Cuprates and other high-temperature superconductors consist of two-dimensional layers that are crucial to their properties. The dynamics of the quantum spins in these layers lie at the heart of the mystery of the cuprates. In bulk cuprates such as La(2)CuO(4), the presence of a weak coupling between the two-dimensional layers stabilizes a three-dimensional(More)
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