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The IEEE 802.11e standard has been introduced recently for providing Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities in the emerging wireless local area networks. This standard introduces a contention window based Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) technique that provides a prioritized traffic to guarantee the minimum bandwidth needed for time critical(More)
—Quality of Service (QoS) of IEEE 802.11e is currently under research for the upcoming multimedia applications over broadband wireless networks. IEEE 802.11e is a contention based channel access function that uses the enhanced distributed channel access (EDCA) techniques. EDCA statically resets the Contention Window (CW) after each successful transmission.(More)
—We discuss a recently introduced ECO-driving concept known as SPONGE in the context of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Buses (PHEB)'s.Examples are given to illustrate the benefits of this approach to ECO-driving. Finally, distributed algorithms to realise SPONGE are discussed, paying attention to the privacy implications of the underlying optimisation problems.(More)