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Methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) and its metabolite tertiary-butanol (TBA) both cause renal tumors in chronically exposed male rats. Knowledge of the kinetic behavior of MTBE and TBA in rats and its comparison to the kinetics of these chemicals in humans will aid in assessing human risk. The objective of this study was to develop a physiologically based(More)
Furan is both hepatotoxic and hepatocarcinogenic in rats. The kinetics of furan biotransformation by male F-344 rats were studied in vivo and in vitro in order to understand target tissue dosimetry. A physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model for furan in rats was developed from gas uptake studies using initial furan concentrations of 100, 500,(More)
The development of an in vitro vial equilibration technique for determining tissue and liquid partition coefficients for non-volatile chemicals is described. Radiolabeled chemical dissolved in propylene carbonate is equilibrated with tissues or liquid at 37 degrees C in a vial system. The solvent must be essentially immiscible with the test material. The(More)
Twitter is an online microblogging tool that disseminates more than 400 million messages per day, including vast amounts of health information. Twitter represents an important data source for the cancer prevention and control community. This paper introduces investigators in cancer research to the logistics of Twitter analysis. It explores methodological(More)
With the increased pressure on survey researchers to achieve high response rates, it is critical to explore issues related to nonresponse. In this study, the authors examined the effects of nonresponse bias in a mail survey of physicians (N = 3,400). Because slightly more than one half of the sample did not respond to the survey, there was potential for(More)
I applied the capture-recapture method to estimate the World Trade Center tower population at the time of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Available lists helped identify 8965 survivors and 2152 confirmed casualties. The capture-recapture model suggested that an additional 4435 survivors were present, putting the total count of all present at(More)
The World Trade Center Health Registry (WTCHR) is a database for following people who were exposed to the disaster of 11 September 2001. Hundreds of thousands of people were exposed to the immense cloud of dust and debris, the indoor dust, the fumes from persistent fires, and the mental trauma of the terrorist attacks on the WTC on 9/11. The purpose of the(More)
There is considerable evidence for an association between dental caries and food starches. However, the intraoral utilization of starch may be quite complex, giving rise to conflicting results. Demineralization induced by unsweetened cookies was examined in an intraoral model system that utilized palatal appliances containing blocks of bovine enamel. The(More)