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Behavioral and electrophysiological experiments have been performed on male Sprague-Dawley rats to evaluate the effectiveness of citrate ions as taste enhancers. In two- and four-day two bottle preference tests (vs. water), citrate (1-25 mM) significantly enhanced preference for sweet compounds and the amino acid glycine over control (non-citrate(More)
A supra-ethmoidal approach was used to treat cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea secondary to anterior fractures of the base of the skull. After an internal orbital incision, the anterior wall of the frontal sinus is removed and the posterior wall of this sinus trephined in the internal region of its horizontal portion in order to expose the meninges covering(More)
A posterior retrosinus approach was used for 50 vestibular neurotomies to treat patients with severe "Ménière's" disease. The pontocerebellar angle is approached by trephination of a 2 cm diameter opening immediately behind the mastoid and lateral sinus. The acoustic-facial nerve bundle lies 55 mm deep to the craniotomy opening. The vestibular nerve is(More)
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