Joe Metzger

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In widely distributed systems generally, and in science-oriented Grids in particular, software, CPU time, storage, etc., are treated as “services” – they can be allocated and used with service guarantees that allows them to be integrated into systems that perform complex tasks. Network communication is currently not a service – it is provided, in general,(More)
We report the discovery of a benzimidazole series of CYP11B2 inhibitors. Hit-to-lead and lead optimization studies identified compounds such as 32, which displays potent CYP11B2 inhibition, high selectivity versus related CYP targets, and good pharmacokinetic properties in rat and rhesus. In a rhesus pharmacodynamic model, 32 produces dose-dependent(More)
Hit-to-lead efforts resulted in the discovery of compound 19, a potent CYP11B2 inhibitor that displays high selectivity vs related CYPs, good pharmacokinetic properties in rat and rhesus, and lead-like physical properties. In a rhesus pharmacodynamic model, compound 19 displays robust, dose-dependent aldosterone lowering efficacy, with no apparent effect on(More)
In an effort to understand the origin of blood-pressure lowering effects observed in recent clinical trials with 11β-HSD1 inhibitors, we examined a set of 11β-HSD1 inhibitors in a series of relevant in vitro and in vivo assays. Select 11β-HSD1 inhibitors reduced blood pressure in our preclinical models but most or all of the blood pressure lowering may be(More)
ESnet – the Energy Sciences Network – has the mission of enabling the aspects of the US Department of Energy’s Office of Science programs and facilities that depend on large collaborations and large-scale data sharing to accomplish their science. The Office of Science supports a large fraction of all U.S. physical science research and operates many large(More)
Fermilab hosts the US Tier-1 center for data storage and analysis of the Large Hadron Collider’s (LHC) Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment. To satisfy operational requirements for the LHC networking model, the networking group at Fermilab, in collaboration with Internet2 and ESnet, is participating in the perfSONAR-PS project. This collaboration has(More)
This report summarizes written and oral contributions from many interested scientists, including 46 participants (Appendix 1) at a workshop executive summary 1 mapping the ocean floor 3 the need for bathymetry from space 3 sensing bathymetry from space 4 new science 6 ocean circulation, mixing, and climate 6 beyond plate tectonics 10 forecasting tsunamis 14(More)
Using structure based drug design, a novel class of potent coagulation factor IXa (FIXa) inhibitors was designed and synthesized. High selectivity over FXa inhibition was achieved. Selected compounds were evaluated in rat IV/PO pharmacokinetic (PK) studies and demonstrated desirable oral PK profiles. Finally, the pharmacodynamics (PD) of this class of(More)
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