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This paper discusses some of the challenges and opportunities of communications research in the area of smart grids and smart metering. It is clear that the communications research community has been actively seeking the 'next big thing' after interests in recent hot topics such as cognitive radio, cooperative communications, and MIMO have more or less(More)
—This paper presents a downlink performance evaluation of a candidate physical layer for future generation cellular communications systems employing link adaptive MIMO-OFDMA. Adaptation between various modulation and coding schemes in combination with both space-time block codes (STBC) and spatial multiplexing (SM) on the basis of channel knowledge is(More)
Medium access control (MAC) protocols have a large impact on the achievable system performance for wireless ad hoc networks. Because of the limitations of existing analytical models for ad hoc networks, many researchers have opted to study the impact of MAC protocols via discrete-event simulations. However, as the network scenarios, traffic patterns and(More)
General rights This document is made available in accordance with publisher policies. Please cite only the published version using the reference above. Full terms of use are available: Explore Bristol Research is a digital archive and the intention is that deposited content should not be removed. However, if you believe that this version of the work(More)
—Due to the site specific nature of microcellular operational environments, propagation models are required to take into account the exact position, orientation and electrical properties of individual buildings, and hence, ray tracing techniques have emerged as the dominant methods to predict propagation in such environments. A novel hybrid(More)