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There has been increasing number of independently proposed randomization methods in different stages of decision tree construction to build multiple trees. Randomized decision tree methods have been reported to be significantly more accurate than widely-accepted single decision trees, although the training procedure of some methods incorporates a(More)
Predicting the values of continuous variable as a function of several independent variables is one of the most important problems for data mining. A very large number of regression methods, both parametric and nonparametric, have been proposed in the past. However, since the list is quite extensive and many of these models make rather explicit, strong yet(More)
Quadriceps contracture in children can result from multiple intramuscular injections. We describe here seven patients with this complication. These patients were unable to completely flex the involved knee. At surgery, extensive fibrosis of the quadriceps muscle was found. Lengthening of the scar and contracted muscle and tendon restored a good deal of(More)
Since roentgenographic changes characteristic of avascular necrosis of the femoral head frequently do not appear for several months after onset of symptoms, it may be difficult to diagnose this condition in its early stages and then institute therapeutic measures designed to prevent collapse of the femoral head and to enhance repair. Bone scans made after(More)
Early results of 76 geometric total knee replacements were reviewed with assistance from computer analysis. A 92% patient follow-up for one to three years showed an overall satisfactory result with substantial improvement, especially in relief of severe pain. However, several problems are noted, including fractures beneath the tibial plateau and loosening.(More)
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