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September 14, 2008 witnessed an almost unprecedented event – the sudden, largely unanticipated, and nearly instantaneous collapse of Lehman Brothers, the world's fifth largest investment bank. This offers a unique opportunity to test whether existing investment banking relationships have value for the clients. We perform event-study analyses of listed firms(More)
Most universities and colleges prepare students for continued growth and development during a lifetime of employment [Gorsline 82]. Traditionally, a university education has implied better job opportunities for its graduates. From this perspective, the university student believes that by following a plan of studies in the computer science curriculum at such(More)
  • J Mason
  • 2007
BACKGROUND Five factors are proposed as important in influencing the provision of psychological therapy to people with intellectual disabilities (IDs): the perceived effectiveness of psychological therapy, individual clinician competence, service resources (number of trained clinicians), the level of the client's disability and the diagnostic overshadowing(More)
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