Joe Lorenzo

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Deregulation ha ~ opened up many opportunities and challenges in the transportation industry-opportunities to increase profits and challenges to keep from being outflanked by competition. A goa l of particular intere st to the sc heduled airlines is to set prices more adaptively and to ~ h ange them more rapidly. A difficult problem arises when many(More)
Prior experiments have shown that a region of the medial and inferior vestibular nuclei contributes to cardiovascular and respiratory regulation. In addition to labyrinthine inputs, the majority of neurons in this region of the vestibular nuclei receive signals from the skin, muscle, and viscera, although the pathways conveying these nonlabyrinthine inputs(More)
We recently developed an immortalized osteoclast (OCL) precursor cell line that forms large numbers of OCLs. This cell line was derived from mice doubly transgenic for bcl-X(L) and large T antigen that was targeted to cells in the OCL lineage (bcl-X(L)/Tag cells). We have now characterized these cells in terms of their surface and enzymatic phenotype,(More)
The cortical evoked potential of the two cerebral hemispheres of the cat is taken as the parameter of brain function; its course is studied during strangulation which determines its disappearance, and especially during strangulation release (recovery phase). Under these experimental conditions, the injection of 9% NaCl solution in each carotid does not(More)
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