Joe Leach

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Group creativity is a fundamental form of human activity. In this paper we explore what constitutes mutually engaging interaction between people _ interaction in which creative sparks fly and we lose ourselves in the joint action. In this paper we present the results of an experiment to compare the effect representation of identity in a user interface, and(More)
Alpha/theta (A/T) and sensory-motor rhythm (SMR) neurofeedback were compared in university instrumentalists who were novice singers with regard to prepared and improvised instrumental and vocal performance in three music domains: creativity/musicality, technique and communication/presentation. Only A/T training enhanced advanced playing seen in all three(More)
This is one of a series of investigations comparing two EEG-neurofeedback protocols - Alpha/theta (A/T) and Sensory-Motor Rhythm (SMR) - for performance enhancement in the Arts, here with the focus on music. The original report (Egner and Gruzelier, 2003) established a beneficial outcome for elite conservatoire musicians following A/T training in two(More)
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