Joe Lassiter

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Heterogeneous catalysis is of paramount importance in chemistry and energy applications. Catalysts that couple light energy into chemical reactions in a directed, orbital-specific manner would greatly reduce the energy input requirements of chemical transformations, revolutionizing catalysis-driven chemistry. Here we report the room temperature dissociation(More)
An important question in the entrepreneurship literature is whether peers affect the decision to become an entrepreneur. We exploit the fact that Harvard Business School assigns students into sections, which have varying representation of former entrepreneurs. We find that the presence of entrepreneurial peers strongly predicts subsequent entrepreneurship(More)
How do individuals decide to become entrepreneurs and learn to make optimal entrepreneurial decisions? The concentration of entrepreneurs in regions such as Silicon Valley has stimulated research and policy interest into the influence of peers, but the causal effect is hard to identify empirically. We exploit the exogenous assignment of students into(More)
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