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Chris Nevison, a member of the AP Computer Science Development Committee, will introduce the panel and will present a brief description of how the development committee works and how we came to make two recent changes in the APCS curriculum, the use of a case study as part of the course and exam, and the change to C++ as the language for the course and(More)
Although our students may spend only a class period working one of our exams, as instructors, we invest many more hours crafting the questions and grading their responses. How do we ensure our time is well-spent? What qualities contribute to an effective exam? How can we guarantee a fair evaluation of student performance?With an 18-year track record(More)
The panelists on this roundtable will discuss their experiences in teaching CSl and CS2 courses using Carnegie Mellon's GENIE programming environments. GENIE environments are now publicly availably on the Macintosh for Pascal and the Rare1 the Robot teaching language. Work on an Ada environment is ongoing. Structure editors are perhaps best known for their(More)
Beginning in spring 1995, the Advanced Placement Computer Science Examination will include questions based on " Directory Manager " , a case study describing the design and development of a program to manage file names in a simulated directory, The " Directory Manager " materials include the following a problem statement; solution program code; a narrative(More)
Fair and consistent grading of computer programming code is a concern for many of us. Creating and using a rubric (standard) against which a student's work is judged is an alternative which will be experienced by participants in this tutorial. The model comes from the grading sessions organized by Educational Testing Service for the Advanced Placement(More)
This special session serves two purposes. It provides a progress report on the revision of the NCATE Standards for the Preparation of Secondary Computer Science Teachers and seeks input from computing education professionals on the proposed revisions. The Standards and their role in evaluating teacher preparation programs will be explained, the proposed(More)
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