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Chris Nevison, a member of the AP Computer Science Development Committee, will introduce the panel and will present a brief description of how the development committee works and how we came to make two recent changes in the APCS curriculum, the use of a case study as part of the course and exam, and the change to C++ as the language for the course and(More)
Although our students may spend only a class period working one of our exams, as instructors, we invest many more hours crafting the questions and grading their responses. How do we ensure our time is well-spent? What qualities contribute to an effective exam? How can we guarantee a fair evaluation of student performance?With an 18-year track record(More)
The authors evaluated the results of the long-term monitoring of the glucose tolerance in 90 subjects, 40 men and 50 women, who were referred to a diabetological clinic as suspect diabetics. The mean age during the initial examination was 55.7 years (mean 55.7 +/- 12.5), a diabetic family--history was recorded in 60% of the patients, obesity in 61%. The(More)