Joe K. Hammond

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In this paper the term system identification addresses the process of obtaining useful information to describe the system characteristics from the relationships between the measured input and output data of a physical system in the most efficient way possible. It can be shown that [1] if the model SISO System under investigation is assumed to be linear(More)
Linear time frequency analysis is employed for event detection in transportation noise signals and condition monitoring of marine diesel engines. Detected events in transportation noise signals are analysed in the time frequency domain and narrow band components of the signal are calculated in order to extract event types. In marine diesel engines shaft(More)
The description of the transmission of a transient excitation through a complicated (but linear) channel is expressible as a convolution (by a 'complicated' system we mean one whose frequency response exhibits a high nodal density) The basic convolution expression (or its frequency domain equivalent) is often not convenient for investigation of a particular(More)
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