Joe Horowitz

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Computation of impedances from forced oscillation data during breathing can yield results which reflect not only changes in respiratory mechanics, but artifacts related to the signal analysis. A method has been developed, employing sinusoidal forcing, to determine intra-breath variations of respiratory impedance. The measured pressure and flow waveforms are(More)
Water vapour partial pressure (PH2O) and temperature (T) were measured together, continuously, at the airway opening (either lips or nares) and at the oropharynx of human subjects with normal lungs or with cystic fibrosis (CF). No apparent differences in PH2O or T were found between normal and CF groups breathing ambient air (22 +/- 2 degrees C). During(More)
A three year record of daily fecal coliform counts in a Massachusetts water reservoir has the appearance of an irregular time series punctuated by outbursts of varying duration. The pattern is described in terms of a probabilistic model where the fluctuations in the 'regular' and 'explosive' regimes are governed by two sets of probabilities. It has been(More)
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