Joe Hooper

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We have investigated the electronic transport properties of the triple-layered ruthenate Sr4Ru3O10. We observed surprising anomalous features near its itinerant metamagnetic transition, including ultrasharp magnetoresistivity steps, a nonmetallic temperature dependence in resistivity for upward field sweeps, and a resistivity drop in temperature dependence(More)
A systematic method to unravel a large class of single-bonded (SB) polymeric phases of nitrogen under high pressure is presented. The approach is based on the combinatorial generation of different Peierls-like distortions of a given reference structure that maintain the threefold connectivity of SB nitrogen, followed by first-principles calculations. Using(More)
We performed single-electron tunneling measurements on bilayer ruthenate Sr3Ru2O7. We observe an unusual oscillation in tunneling magnetoresistance near the metamagnetic quantum phase transition. The characteristic features of this oscillation suggest that it is unrelated to traditional quantum oscillations caused by orbit quantization. In addition,(More)
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