Joe Holmberg

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Designing new educational experiences, which utilize novel technologies, are usable by teachers and learners and integrate well into existing, everyday educational contexts is extremely difficult. In this paper we describe the process of Human Centred Design as a cyclic process of evolution. An initial system design vision is communicated to a range of(More)
The HomeWork project is building an exemplar system to provide individualised experiences for individual and groups of children aged 6-7 years, their parents, teachers and classmates at school. It employs an existing set of broadcast video media and associated resources that tackle both numeracy and literacy at Key Stage 1. The system employs a learner(More)
This paper is concerned with user modelling issues such as adaptive educational environments, adaptive information retrieval, and support for collaboration. The HomeWork project is examining the use of learner modelling strategies within both school and home environments for young children aged 5 – 7 years. The learning experience within the home context(More)
The Homework project is developing an exemplar system for the delivery of adaptive, interactive numeracy and literacy education for children (5 to 7 year olds) at home and in the classroom. We illustrate how a user centred approach has enabled us to specify and go some way towards developing technology to meet the clear need for a better way of helping(More)
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