Joe Geigel

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* + In this paper we present a model for the simulation of the photographic development process for use on computer generated and other digital images. The model provides us with a tone reproduction operator based on photographic principles that mimics the creation process of black and white photographic prints. We focus on four characteristics of(More)
In this paper, we explore the uniqueness of storytelling in a theatrical context. From this exploration, we present a theoretical structure for classifying theatrical performance and describe a technical framework for creating such performances in a virtual space. The framework allows for interplay between human actors, virtual performers and live audience(More)
Computer graphics research and applications have involved collaborations between professionals in both technical and artistic areas from the beginning. Theatre is a field where collaboration between technicians and artists has been an inherent component for centuries. Virtual Theatre merges these two collaborative arenas with the goal of providing a(More)
In this paper we describe our experiences in combining theatre with games programming as a means of providing a collaborative experience for Computer Science students. With the goal of creating a theatrical production in a virtual space, we've designed a set of companion courses, geared toward those looking to work in the electronic entertainment(More)
Studies have suggested that facial appearance leads to judgment of a person's character, e.g. wide-faced males are considered aggressive and untrustworthy, large eyes make a person appear honest and non-dominant, and short ears and nose give impressions of warmth and honesty. In this study we investigate whether we make similar judgment with an avatar's(More)
Computer Graphics is evolving as a discipline characterized by the fusion of artistic and technical theories and skills. The goal of the SIGGRAPH Curriculum Working Group has been to create a knowledge base that defines this discipline. This knowledge base is presented as a palette of subject areas and skills that forms the necessary educational framework(More)