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We examine the first arrival and last departure dates of migrant bird species from, respectively, six and three English area bird reports. Of all 145 bird series, 50% demonstrated significantly earlier arrival in recent years, with the average advance over all species being 0.25 days/year or 12 days earlier over 50 years. Thirty percent of 67 series(More)
Analytical performance of the Boehringer Mannheim/Hitachi 717 system was evaluated in a multicenter study involving seven different laboratories. Fifty-five methods including end point chemistries, enzymes, ISE, TDM, DAU, and specific protein assays were assessed over a 7 month period. Methods on the analyzer exhibited excellent precision with CVs less than(More)
Although a large literature exists on the repair and deterioration of machines, the associated problem of maintenance schedules for deteriorating renewable facilities has been little studied. These facilities include all those which can be restored to a near-new state by renovation or rebuilding, so that the market value and performance of the facility(More)
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