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Three different trials to examine the cause of upper stem rot (USR) infection in oil palm failed to achieve any infection. In the first experiment, inoculum was applied as colonised rubber wood blocks or as spore suspensions. In the second experiment, particular attention was given to ensure that the Ganoderma spores were freshly collected to maintain(More)
(2013). Assessing the effectiveness of two methods habitat characterisation for understanding species habitat relationships, using the western rock lobster Panulirus cygnus (George). (2012). Development and validation of a range of endogenous controls to support the implementation of practical Taqman real-time PCR-based surveillance for fish diseases within(More)
Diseases of oil palm caused by Ganoderma boninense are of major economic importance in much of South-East Asia. This paper describes results from an ongoing field trial concerning the spread of the pathogen from artificially inoculated trunks used to simulate spread from windrowed trunks. Three planting distances for bait seedlings revealed that the closer(More)
Although a large literature exists on the repair and deterioration of machines, the associated problem of maintenance schedules for deteriorating renewable facilities has been little studied. These facilities include all those which can be restored to a near-new state by renovation or rebuilding, so that the market value and performance of the facility(More)
1 Dead or just asleep? Variance of microsatellite allele distributions in the human Y-chromosome. SUMMARY Several different methods confirm that a number of micro-satellites on the human Y-chromosome have allele distributions with different variances in different haplogroups, after adjusting for coalescent times. This can be demonstrated through both(More)
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