Joe Evans

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The digital libraries of the future will provide electronic access to information in many different forms. Recent technological advances make the storage and transmission of digital video information possible. This paper will describe the design of a Digital Video Library System (DVLS) suitable for storing, indexing, searching, and retrieving video and(More)
Somatosensation as a proximal sense can have a strong impact on our attitude toward physical objects and other human beings. However, relatively little is known about how hedonic valence of touch is processed at the cortical level. Here we investigated the electrophysiological correlates of affective tactile sensation during caressing of the right forearm(More)
Over the past few years, the world has seen a growing interest in the Internet. E-mail initiated this interest and was the biggest traac generator for several years. As the Internet grew in popularity , other tools emerged: ftp, gopher, archie, and the WorldWide Web. Connectivity to the Internet blossomed f r om a few computer specialists at research(More)
After spinal cord injury, electrical stimulation of the roots inside the spinal column at the level of the cauda equina is a safe and effective way to regain some degree of control over lower body function, e.g. bladder and bowel management and leg movement. The success of current systems used for so-called intrathecal stimulation is limited by the low(More)
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