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In a recent editorial in this journal, Arnie Lund (2006) talked about " post-modern usability. " He urged us to move into a post-modern era in which we embrace " …both the existential understanding of the user in context as we design experiences that capture every aspect of the user... " (p.4) I agree with Arnie, but I am concerned that as a profession we(More)
The think aloud method is widely used in usability research to collect user's reports of the experience of interacting with a design so that usability evaluators can find the underlying usability problems. However, concerns remain about the validity and usefulness of think aloud in usability studies. In this panel we will present current studies of the(More)
initiated an effort to increase the visibility of software usability, the Industry USability Reporting (IUSR) Project 1. Cooperating in the IUSR project are prominent suppliers of software and representatives from large consumer organizations. The IUSR project is a product of the Visualization and Usability Group, Information Access Division, of Information(More)
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