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A complete tool chain starting with stereo photogrammetry based digitization of artefacts, their refinement, collection and management with other multimedia data, and visualization using virtual and augmented reality is presented. Our system provides a one-stop-solution for museums to create, manage and present both content and context for virtual(More)
This paper discusses four research projects currently running in the Centre for VLSI and Computer Graphics. These projects exploit a variety of state-of-the-art technologies, such as photogrammetry, 3D modeling, augmented and virtual reality, and multimedia applied to the educational and cultural heritage domains, while ensuring interoperability through the(More)
In the article, the authors present an educational application that allows users to interact with 3D Web content (Web3D) using virtual and augmented reality (AR). This enables an exploration of the potential benefits of Web3D and AR technologies in engineering education and learning. A lecturer’s traditional delivery can be enriched by viewing multimedia(More)
This paper describes an experimental augmented reality based system for overlaying computer generated information on the real world. Museum artefacts are digitised; 3D models are then created and rendered in an augmented reality environment providing the opportunity for museum visitors to visualise virtual artefacts in the context of real artefacts and(More)
This paper describes our lightweight prototype XML based client-server architecture for creating, managing and presenting virtual cultural exhibitions. ARCOLite provides a low cost solution for museums to assemble multimedia content into an XML archive for dynamic presentation locally or over the Internet extended with virtual and augmented reality(More)
This paper describes ARCOLite, our low cost XML based client-server architecture for building and presenting digital heritage content in virtual museums. Our system includes components for creation and refinement of virtual artefacts including virtual reconstruction of buildings; XML content management, XML technologies for content repositories and(More)
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