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To determine the relationships among selected shoulder pulling strength and endurance maneuvers, college men (n = 35) and women (n = 23) were evaluated for 1-repetition maximum (1RM) lat-pull (LPmax), 1RM pull-up (PUmax), lat-pull repetitions-to-fatigue using 80% of 1RM (LPreps), and pull-up repetitions at 80% of 1RM (PUreps). PUmax was determined by adding(More)
Artiodactyls possess abundant neutral glycosidase activity in liver, kidney and intestine. This enzyme is cytosolic and displays a more neutral pH optimum, more acidic isoelectric point and broader substrate range than the corresponding acidic beta-galactosidases. The neutral glycosidases were more thermolabile than the respective acidic beta-galactosidases(More)
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