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Cloud computing may well become one of the most transformative technologies in the history of computing. Cloud service providers and customers have yet to establish adequate forensic capabilities that could support investigations of criminal activities in the cloud. This paper discusses the emerging area of cloud forensics, and highlights its challenges and(More)
With the rapid growth of cloud adoption in both private and public sectors globally, cloud computing environments have become a new battlefield for cyber crime. In this paper, the researchers present the results and analysis of a survey that had been widely circulated among digital forensic experts and practitioners worldwide on cloud forensics and critical(More)
In this paper we compare the performance of three distinct approaches to lexical cohesion based text segmentation. Most work in this area has focused on the discovery of textual units that discuss subtopic structure within documents. In contrast our segmentation task requires the discovery of topical units of text i.e. distinct news stories from broadcast(More)
As the popularity of content sharing websites has increased, they have become targets for spam, phishing and the distribution of malware. On YouTube, the facility for users to post comments can be used by spam campaigns to direct unsuspecting users to malicious third-party websites. In this paper, we demonstrate how such campaigns can be tracked over time(More)
We present a comparative study of lexical chain-based summarisation techniques. The aim of this paper is to highlight the effect of lexical chain scoring metrics and sentence extraction techniques on summary generation. We present our own lexical chain-based summarisation system and compare it to other chain-based summarisation systems. We also compare the(More)
In this paper we present a machine learning approach to generating very short news story summaries (i.e. no more than 75 bytes long). Our technique uses a decision tree classifier to establish which phrases in a text should be included in the resultant summary. Our ROUGE evaluation results for task 1 (English text summarisation) and task 3 (translated(More)
In this paper, researchers provide a preliminary analysis on the forensic implications of cloud computing reference architecture, on the segregation of duties of cloud actors in cloud investigations, forensic artifacts on all layers of cloud system stack, cloud actors interaction scenarios in cloud investigations, and forensic implications of all cloud(More)
In this paper we describe a type of data fusion involving the combination of evidence derived from multiple document representations. Our aim is to investigate if a composite representation can improve the online detection of novel events in a stream of broadcast news stories. This classification process otherwise known as first story detection FSD (or in(More)