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Previous research has shown that neural stimulation with infrared radiation (IR) is spatially selective and illustrated the potential of IR in stimulating auditory neurons. The present work demonstrates the application of a miniaturized pulsed IR stimulator for chronic implantation in cats, quantifies its efficacy, and short-term safety in stimulating(More)
We present a distributed elastic intrusion detection architecture called DEIDtect. DEIDtect exploits the increasing deployment of cloud computing and software defined networking technology in enterprise and campus environments to deal with current inflexibilities associated with compute and network resources required by security tools. We present the(More)
Network management tasks remain tedious and error-prone, and often require complex reasoning on the part of the network administrator. With KnowNet we address the challenge of reasoning about network management by approaching it as a set of cooperating applications executing over a knowledge graph which captures data and information about the network and(More)
We examined whether two decades of rising sea surface temperatures have resulted in significant changes in the benthic community and frequency of occurrence of Northern and Southern species in three areas of Northern Ireland, using visual census data collected by SCUBA surveys undertaken during two periods: pre-1986 and post-2006. We found little evidence(More)
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