Joe Bolinger

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Knowledge intensive process vary widely due to the variation in the specifics of the incoming request and uncertainty in handling and processing that request. Traditional management systems with pre-defined workflows are less effective for enabling these kinds of organizational workflows. Consequently, less structured tools for ad-hoc collaboration, such as(More)
A key driver of enterprise adoption of consumer mobile devices is their potential to support collaboration. However, today there is little understanding of how well mobile devices support collaborative work activities in the enterprise. We present Ask an Expert, a tablet-based collaboration application for mobile industrial workers. Ask an Expert combines(More)
Service delivery organizations oftentimes overlook opportunities to cultivate client relationships due to a lack of awareness of the totality of touchpoints, or interactions, that occur between service delivery personnel and client personnel over time. To enable service delivery organizations to strategically manage their client relationships, we introduce(More)
— Within service-oriented business environments, the non-routine processing of requests requires a greater degree of social interaction and learning in order to achieve an effective response. Specific practices arise and evolve through these business-social interactions, however traditional enterprise data and content management systems are typically(More)
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