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Industry-practiced agile methods must become an integral part of a software engineering curriculum. It is essential that graduates of such programs seeking careers in industry understand and have positive attitudes toward agile principles. With this knowledge they can participate in agile teams and apply these methods with minimal additional training.(More)
– In order to better prepare students for professional practice, we have created a software engineering curriculum that provides an end-to-end perspective that begins with the business context of software, and goes all the way to the ongoing management of software services after deployment. This paper examines how the theoretical aspects of this broad-based(More)
Knowledge intensive process vary widely due to the variation in the specifics of the incoming request and uncertainty in handling and processing that request. Traditional management systems with pre-defined workflows are less effective for enabling these kinds of organizational workflows. Consequently, less structured tools for ad-hoc collaboration, such as(More)
A key driver of enterprise adoption of consumer mobile devices is their potential to support collaboration. However, today there is little understanding of how well mobile devices support collaborative work activities in the enterprise. We present Ask an Expert, a tablet-based collaboration application for mobile industrial workers. Ask an Expert combines(More)
Case studies have been successfully integrated into a wide variety of educational contexts and disciplines. Today, case studies are increasingly accepted as valuable teaching tools in science and engineering curriculums to complement the underlying theory of the field. Well-articulated cases can reinforce abstract concepts, demonstrate the nature of real(More)
Capstone courses are expected to prepare students for the " real world " by putting them into a microcosm of the real world. In these courses, students are given a problem of some complexity, and are expected to exercise and develop problem-solving skills as they address the problem. Within our Computer Science and Engineering program we have, over the past(More)